Every revolution has its tools. 

On January 26th, mass protests broke out in Syria. 

On March 15th, these rebellions reached epic proportions. 
The government responded with violent repression. 
Today, the death toll is believed to top 1,600. 

The motives for the unrest are numerous:

1. Human rights violations

2. High unemployment rates

3. Lack of political freedom and representation

4. Widespread political persecution

               There are no legitimate means for political recourse.

                             Most media is either state-owned or heavily censored. 

                                         The 'People's Assembly' is subservient to the executive.

                                                      The Ba'ath has ruled uninterrupted for 48 years.

         The people want change.


Social media it is the avenue through which protesters are able to bypass the information blackouts of the Syrian government, the means by which the outside world can show its support for the uprisings, and unfortunately, the tool used by the regime to track down its opponents.