Notebook - Syria

We are nearing the end of completion, working out a few glitches and citing sources. overall, pretty satisfied with the outcome.
Then we go to the prganize of presentation. Since we totally have only fifteen minutes, ever person has only 5minutes. So we discuss to pick out the most shinning points we want to convey  to the audience.
Hussin is responsible for home page and Social Media. Mai is responsible for General information and Political background. Yuhao responsible for Timeline and notebook. And after Yuhao finished, Hussin will draw an conclusion to the audience. Our presention must be a unified one with the theme that social media is a tool which can not be used by the protest group but government as well.
We try to practice a few times. But each of us are so sleepy.When looking at the clock, Oh! God, it's already 2 o'clock. So  Hussin cals the Bear Walk to send me and Mai to apartment.
Since Mai have class morning, we decided meet at 12 at Wheeler Hall. Before that, we can practice our own part.
Good luck with our presentation! We'll win.

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