Notebook - Syria
We are discussing in Hussin's room
It was Monday eve, We met at Hussin's room. In this Weekend, every of us has do much of our own assignment.
So in this meeting, we will compile our work, and discuss our conclusion.
Hussin use various tools to improve the social media page. Make the page into several parts, and each part focus on the role of a certain media. Furthemore, the existence of Prezi will make the page so vivid.
Since Yuhao's Timeline's content is somehow overlap the Hussin's Social media, after discussion. Yuhao decided to cancel
some of his work and add more content to the Timeline. The timeline will me more focus on the dynamic interaction between Social media and Revolution.
Mai was figuring out which tool she can use to keep up the recent message in twitter in Web. After turning to her friends. She figure out a very excellent software, Then audience can see immdiate message sent out by twitter on our Website.

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