"Can you tweet your way out of a massacre?"

                                              -tweeted in Hamma, 8/7/11.

It is the most widely used system of social media in Syria. With users able to maintain anonymity, Twitter offers an avenue for real-time updates without the threat of direct retaliation from the regime. With the ban of all  outside media, the world's primary source of information comes from Syrian citizen reporters, tweeting from their phones and computers in the midst of the warzone. 

twitter trends, as they happen


This illustration from Trends Map shows the frequency of the hashtag #Syria.  

Spam Bots

In response to the flooding torrent of anti-regime tweets, the government has created an army of spam bots, aimed at drowning out the voices of dissidents. Because the government faces more obstacles in tracking down users via Twitter than it does via Facebook, it must wage the war on the medium itself- in a battle of hashtags, regime loyalists are attempting to change the very narrative of the revolution. The success of this stratedy has yet to be seen. 

live feeds